Class OrderItemAddCmdImpl

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    AccCommand, ControllerCommand, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, OrderItemAddCmd, OrderItemUpdateCmd, Protectable,,,,,,
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    public class OrderItemAddCmdImpl
    extends OrderItemBaseCmdImpl
    implements OrderItemAddCmd
    Adds items or products to the list of items that are to be shipped.

    This command accepts enumeration type of parameters. That is, it accepts parameterName_i=parameterValue.

    For example, to add three catalog entries with id 15, 16, and 17 to the OrderItems, you can pass catEntryId_1=15&catEntryId_2=16&catEntryId_3=17 to the command. If you call the individual set method to pass the above parameters, you need to create a hashtable and add the following to the hashtable:

          hashtable.put(new Integer(1), new String("15")); 
          hashtable.put(new Integer(2), new String("16")); 
          hashtable.put(new Integer(3), new String("17"));
    then passed the hashtable to the method setCatEntryId(Hashtable).

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      • OrderItemAddCmdImpl

        public OrderItemAddCmdImpl()