Interface UnitShippingCalculationScaleLookupCmd

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    BusinessPolicyCommand,,, CalculationCmd, CalculationScaleLookupCmd,,, ECCommand,,, TaskCommand

    public interface UnitShippingCalculationScaleLookupCmd
    extends CalculationScaleLookupCmd
    This version of the CalculationScaleLookup command is intended for calculation scales that are based on unit shipping charge. It returns:
    Property Value
    base monetary value sum of shipping charges divided by sum of actual quantities
    lookup number sum of shipping charges divided by sum of actual quantities
    result multiplier 1
    weight of each itemshipping charge divided by actual quantity of each item

    Appropriate for "per item" "shipping" tax scales, especially where a maximum tax per item may be specified.
    Both the "lookup number" and the "base monetary value" are the sum of the shipping charges for the OrderItems, divided by the "result multiplier". The "lookup number" is converted to the currency specified by the currStr attribute of the CalculationScale. The "result multiplier" is the sum of the OrderItem quantities. The mathematical weights are the shipping charges, each divided by the OrderItem quantity.
    See Also:
    CalculationScaleLookupCmd, Item