Interface MessageCountListSmartDataBean

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    public interface MessageCountListSmartDataBean
    The interface of message count lists smart data bean
    • Method Detail

      • getMessageCounts

        MessageCountDataBean[] getMessageCounts()
        Gets a list of message counts.
        MessageCountDataBean array.
      • getMsgMultipleStatus

        java.lang.String[] getMsgMultipleStatus()
        Gets multiple message status. The possible status is:
        1. N=New. Bidder has not opened this message
        2. O=Opened. Bidder opened this message
        3. D=Deleted. Bidder deleted this message
        message status array.
      • getMsgRecipientId

        java.lang.String getMsgRecipientId()
        Gets message recipient ID.
      • getMsgStatus

        java.lang.String getMsgStatus()
        Gets message status.