Class WhereClauseJoinCondition

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    public class WhereClauseJoinCondition
    extends WhereClauseFreeFormCondition
    These objects represent WHERE clause conditions for use by the JOIN conditions. It is a subtype of the WhereClauseFreeFormCondition class, and behaves in a very similar fashion. Like the parent class, when using this WHERE clause condition object you must manually specify the WHERE clause SQL, the FROM tables, and the query parameter values.
    WhereClauseCondition cond new WhereClauseJoinCondition("USERREG.USERS_ID = USERS.USERS_ID");
    This example will create a join condition for the USERREG table, specifically to join it with the USERS table. This example presumes that you are using the join from the users query object, which defines the USERS table as one of its core query tables.
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM Copyright
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      • WhereClauseJoinCondition

        public WhereClauseJoinCondition(java.lang.String astrFreeFormWhereClause)
        astrFreeFormWhereClause -
      • WhereClauseJoinCondition

        public WhereClauseJoinCondition(java.lang.String astrFreeFormWhereClause,
                                        java.util.Set asetFromTables,
                                        java.util.Vector avecWhereClauseParameters)
        astrFreeFormWhereClause -
        asetFromTables -
        avecWhereClauseParameters -