Interface ComposeMemberGroupFromDataBeanCmd

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        static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM Copyright notice field.
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      • setMemberGroupDataBean

        void setMemberGroupDataBean(SegmentDataBean memberGroupDB)
                             throws ECException
        Sets the member group data bean which is used to compose the MemberGroup SDO
        memberGroupDB - The member group data bean
        ECException - if an error occurs
      • setMemberGroup

        void setMemberGroup(MemberGroupType aMemberGroupType)
        Sets a partially populated member group SDO. This is needed when a compose command delegates to multiple other compose commands to build a member group SDO. After the first delegation, the paritally populated member group SDO is then passed to the next delegate compose command.
        aMemberGroupType - the partially populated member group SDO
      • setGet

        void setGet(GetType getVerb)
        This method sets the get expression to base the fetch operation on.
        getVerb - The get expression to execute.