Interface RegisterRequisitionerCmd

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    public interface RegisterRequisitionerCmd
    extends TaskCommand
    This is the interface of RegisterRequisitionerCmd. It retrieves the requisitioning user if they are already registered, and registers them as a new requisitioning user if they are not registered. The RegisterRequisitioner command is called by the PunchOutSetup and BatchOrderRequest commands after successfully authenticating the PunchOutSetupRequest and PurchaseOrderRequest messages.
    • Field Detail

      • defaultCommandClassName

        static final java.lang.String defaultCommandClassName
        The default implementation class name.
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    • Method Detail

      • getUsersId

        java.lang.Long getUsersId()
        This method sets the userId.
        long - userId void setUsersId(long usersId); /** This method gets the userId.
        userId The user ID.
      • isRegisteredSuccessfully

        boolean isRegisteredSuccessfully()
        This method is called to check whether the registration of the requisitioner is successful. This method must be called after the command has been completed.
        boolean true if the requisitioner is registered successfully; false otherwise
      • setBuyerId

        void setBuyerId(long buyerId)
        This method sets the buyerId (ID of the buyer organization).
        buyerId - The buyer organization ID.
      • setDeptName

        void setDeptName(java.lang.String deptName)
        This method sets the department name (if any) to which the requisitioner belongs to.
        deptName - The department name.
      • setPostbackUrl

        void setPostbackUrl(java.lang.String postbackUrl)
        This method sets the URL for Postback.
        postbackUrl - The postback URL
      • setProtocolId

        void setProtocolId(java.lang.Integer protocol)
        This method sets the protocolId.
        protocol - The protocol ID.
      • setReqId

        void setReqId(java.lang.String reqId)
        This method sets the requisitioner ID.
        reqId - The requisitioner ID
      • setSessionId

        void setSessionId(java.lang.String sessionId)
        This method sets the buyer cookie.
        sessionId - The buyer cookie
      • setSessionInfo

        void setSessionInfo(SessionInfo sessionInfo)
        This method sets the sessionInfo
        sessionInfo - The
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      • setSupplierId

        void setSupplierId(long supplierId)
        This method sets the supplierId.
        supplierId - The supplier ID.