Class AbstractRemovePromotionCodeFromOrderTaskCmdImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractRemovePromotionCodeFromOrderTaskCmdImpl

        public AbstractRemovePromotionCodeFromOrderTaskCmdImpl()
    • Method Detail

      • performExecute

        public void performExecute()
                            throws ECException
        This method executes the business logic of this command implementation.

        The business logic of this command implementation is responsible for removing a promotion code from an order.

        Specified by:
        performExecute in interface ECCommand
        Specified by:
        performExecute in interface
        performExecute in class AbstractECTargetableCommand
        ECException - This exception is thrown when any kind of Exception catch.
      • setOrderId

        public void setOrderId(java.lang.Long orderId)
        This is the method to set order id. The order indicates which order need to added with unique promotion code.
        Specified by:
        setOrderId in interface RemovePromotionCodeFromOrderTaskCmd
        orderId - A Long representing the order id to be used in the command.
      • setPromotionCode

        public void setPromotionCode(java.lang.String promotionCode)
        This is the method to set promotion code. The promotion code indicates the promotion code which will add to an order.
        Specified by:
        setPromotionCode in interface RemovePromotionCodeFromOrderTaskCmd
        promotionCode - A String representing the promotion code to be used in the command.