Class TimestampClientLocationCmdImpl

  • java.lang.Object
  • All Implemented Interfaces:, TimestampClientLocationCmd,,

    public class TimestampClientLocationCmdImpl
    implements TimestampClientLocationCmd
    Timestamp command ensures that nouns are properly timestamped to the current server time.

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      void execute()
      Command execution
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        getNounsToBeCreated, getNounsToBeDeleted, getNounsToBeUpdated, isReadyToCallExecute, reset, setNounsToBeCreated, setNounsToBeDeleted, setNounsToBeUpdated
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        getNounsToBeCreated, getNounsToBeDeleted, getNounsToBeUpdated, setNounsToBeCreated, setNounsToBeDeleted, setNounsToBeUpdated
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        isReadyToCallExecute, reset
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      • TimestampClientLocationCmdImpl

        public TimestampClientLocationCmdImpl()
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        public void execute()
        Command execution
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        execute in class
        Throws: - An exception is thrown if an error occurs