Class AbstractComposeInventoryAvailabilityCmdImpl

  • java.lang.Object
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    Direct Known Subclasses:, ComposeDOMInventoryAvailabilityCmdImpl

    public abstract class AbstractComposeInventoryAvailabilityCmdImpl
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements ComposeInventoryAvailabilityCmd
    This abstract class implements the ComposeInventoryAvailabilityCmd interface. It supplies the default implementation of the methods for the interface. All the classes which is used to compose InventoryAvailabilityType should be extended from this class.
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      static java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
      IBM Copyright notice field.
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      BaseItemAccessBean getBaseItem(java.lang.Long anCatalogEntryId)
      Get the baseitem access bean of an catalog entry.
      CatalogEntryAccessBean getCatalogEntry(java.lang.Long anCatalogEntryId)
      Get the catalog entry access bean from the catalog entry Id.
      java.lang.Long[] getCatalogEntryIds()
      Get all the catalog entry Ids for the command.
      java.lang.String getComponentId()
      Get the component id of inventory component.
      java.util.List getNouns()
      Get the nouns of InventoryAvailabilityType.
      java.lang.String[] getOnlineStoreIdentifiers()
      Get the online store name identifiers.
      java.lang.Integer[] getOnlineStoreIds()
      Get the online store Ids.
      java.lang.String[] getPartNumbers()
      Get the part numbers of the catalog entries.
      java.lang.String[] getPhysicalStoreIdentifiers()
      Get the physical store external identifiers.
      java.lang.String[] getPhysicalStoreIds()
      Get the physical store Ids.
      SearchExpression getSearchExpression() 
      void setBaseItems(java.util.Map amapBaseItems)
      Sets a map which contains the catalog entry id as the key and the catalog entry base item access bean as the value into the command.
      void setCatalogEntryAccessBeans(java.util.Map amapCatalogEntries)
      Sets a map which contains the catalog entry id as the key and catalog entry access bean as the value into the command.
      void setCatalogEntryIds(java.lang.Long[] anCatalogEntryIds)
      Set the catalog entry Ids.
      void setComponentId(java.lang.String componentId)
      Set the inventory component id.
      void setFulfillmentCenterIdList(java.lang.String astrFulfillmentCenterIdList)
      Sets all the fulfillment center Ids lised in a string, seperated by comma, which is used to get the ATP inventories.
      void setFulfillmentCenterIds(java.lang.Integer[] ainFulfillmentCenterIds)
      Sets an array of the fulfillment center ids into the command.
      void setNouns(java.util.List alistNouns)
      Set the nouns of InventoryAvailabilityType
      void setOnlineStoreFulfillmentCenterIds(java.util.Map amapOnlineStoreFulfillmentCenterIds)
      Sets a map which contains the mapping from online store id to fulfillment center ids array.
      void setOnlineStoreIdentifiers(java.lang.String[] astrOnlineStoreIdentifiers)
      Set the online store name identifiers.
      void setOnlineStoreIds(java.lang.Integer[] anOnlineStoreIds)
      Set the online store Ids.
      void setOnlineStores(java.util.Map amapOnlineStores)
      Sets the map which contains the mapping from online store id to online store access bean.
      void setPartNumbers(java.lang.String[] astrPartNumbers)
      Set the catalog entry part numbers.
      void setPhysicalStoreFulfillmentCenterIds(java.util.Map amapPhysicalStoreFulfillmentCenterIds)
      Sets a map which contains the mapping from physical store id to fulfillment center ids array.
      void setPhysicalStoreIdentifiers(java.lang.String[] astrPhysicalStoreIdentifiers)
      Set the physical store external identifiers.
      void setPhysicalStoreIds(java.lang.String[] astrPhysicalStoreIds)
      Set the physical store Ids.
      void setPhysicalStores(java.util.Map amapPhysicalStores)
      Sets a map which contains the mapping from physical store id to PhysicalStoreType into the command.
      void setSearchExpression(SearchExpression searchExpression)
      Sets a SearchExpression.
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