Class ConfirmAuthenticationGiftRegistryBOD

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    public class ConfirmAuthenticationGiftRegistryBOD
    extends ConfirmBOD
    implements BusinessObjectDocument
    A ConfirmAuthenticationGiftRegistryBOD is a message that is returned to confirm the result of an authentication request to a gift registry. A successful result means authentication was a success. Failure means it was not successful.
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM copyright notice field.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ConfirmAuthenticationGiftRegistryBOD

        public ConfirmAuthenticationGiftRegistryBOD()
        Default Constructor
      • ConfirmAuthenticationGiftRegistryBOD

        public ConfirmAuthenticationGiftRegistryBOD(ConfirmBOD cBOD)
        Construct this BOD from its parent type
        ConfirmBOD - the generic confirmmation BOD that this object is based on
      • ConfirmAuthenticationGiftRegistryBOD

        public ConfirmAuthenticationGiftRegistryBOD(ActivityToken aToken,
                                                    DataArea dataArea)
        Construct this BOD given an activity token and a data area
        aToken - an activity token that uniquely identifies the activity to which this service BOD belongs
        dataArea - A DataArea instance that contains verb and nouns
    • Method Detail

      • getPrimaryProcessingOutcomeMessage

        public ProcessingOutcomeMessage getPrimaryProcessingOutcomeMessage()
        Returns the primary description of why a particular noun failed to be processed.
      • getPrimaryNounOutcomeValue

        public GiftRegistryAuthenticationVO getPrimaryNounOutcomeValue()
        Returns the primary noun value object that caused the failure if any.
        GiftRegistryAuthenticationVO the value object that caused the failure
      • getOutcomeValueObjects

        public GiftRegistryAuthenticationVO[] getOutcomeValueObjects()
        Returns all the value objects in this confirmBOD
        GiftRegistryAuthenticationVO[] An array of updated authentication value objects after successful authentication