Class SolrRESTSearchExpressionProvider

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    public class SolrRESTSearchExpressionProvider
    extends AbstractSolrSearchExpressionProvider
    implements SearchExpressionProvider

    This is a Solr specific implementation of the search expression provider for use with RESTful services. This provider takes the parameter map and converts into a Solr specific expression by calling each of the expression providers configured for the given search profile defined in wc-rest-search.xml.

    This provider performs the following high level steps in this given order:

    1. Validates a search profile is given by calling SolrSearchProfileNameValidator and stops immediately if none is provided;
    2. Validates the corresponding index name by calling SolrSearchIndexNameValidator and stops immediately if invalid;
    3. Validates the corresponding workspace information by calling SolrSearchWorkSpaceValidator and set the information to let the processor know;
    4. Calls each of the given expression providers defined in the search profile;
    5. Validates the search expression to ensure the query expression is not empty and does not contain special characters by calling SolrSearchExpressionValidator.