Class AbstractCheckApprovalCmdImpl

  • java.lang.Object
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    public abstract class AbstractCheckApprovalCmdImpl
    implements AbstractCheckApprovalCmd
    This class is an abstract implementation for the command that is responsible for checking if a noun requires approval.
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      java.lang.Object getNounPostApproval()
      This method gets the noun after approval.
      void setNoun(java.lang.Object aNoun)
      This method sets the noun to be checked for approval.
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      • AbstractCheckApprovalCmdImpl

        public AbstractCheckApprovalCmdImpl()
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      • setNoun

        public void setNoun(java.lang.Object aNoun)
        This method sets the noun to be checked for approval.
        Specified by:
        setNoun in interface AbstractCheckApprovalCmd
        aNoun - the noun to be checked for approval.
      • getNounPostApproval

        public java.lang.Object getNounPostApproval()
        This method gets the noun after approval.
        Specified by:
        getNounPostApproval in interface AbstractCheckApprovalCmd
        the noun after approval.