Class AttachmentDataBeanBase

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    public class AttachmentDataBeanBase
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      Modifier and Type Method and Description getDelegate()
      Retrieves its delegatee.
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        findByAttachmentURL, findByTrading, findByTradingId, getAttachmentId, getAttachmentIdInEntityType, getAttachmentURL, getCreateMethod, getDescription, getEntity, getFilename, getFilesize, getImage1, getImage2, getMarkforDelete, getMimeType, getMimeTypeEncoding, getOwnerId, getOwnerIdInEntityType, getReserved, getTimeCreated, getTimeCreatedInEntityType, getTimeUpdated, getTimeUpdatedInEntityType, getUsage, instantiateEntity, setAttachmentId, setAttachmentId, setAttachmentURL, setCreateMethod, setDescription, setFilename, setFilesize, setImage1, setImage2, setInitKey_attachmentId, setInitKey_attachmentId, setMarkforDelete, setMimeType, setMimeTypeEncoding, setOwnerId, setOwnerId, setReserved, setTimeCreated, setTimeCreated, setTimeUpdated, setTimeUpdated, setUsage
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        createAccessBean, createAccessBean, createAccessBeanCollection, createAccessBeanCollection, createEntityCollection, detach, remove, setUseDataCache, toString
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      • AttachmentDataBeanBase

        public AttachmentDataBeanBase()
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        public getDelegate()
        Retrieves its delegatee.
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        getDelegate in interface