Class ManagedFileFacadeClient

  • public class ManagedFileFacadeClient
    extends AbstractContentFacadeClient

    This class provides common methods that this and other utility class to the managed file facade can use. This class also provides a set of convenient Java API to represent particular managed file operations. This set of Java API also includes APIs for Web based requests to transform the name value pair request into the appropriate request documents.

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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM Copyright notice field.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ManagedFileFacadeClient

        public ManagedFileFacadeClient()
        Creates an instance of the client to communicate with the managed file facade.
      • ManagedFileFacadeClient

        public ManagedFileFacadeClient(BusinessContextType businessContext,
        Creates an instance of the client to communicate with the managed file facade.
        businessContext - The default business context to associate with the messages when making requests.
        callbackHandler - Used for authentication purposes so the controller can give the authentication information to the transport when required.
    • Method Detail

      • processManagedFile

        public AcknowledgeManagedFileType processManagedFile(java.lang.String action,
                                                             ManagedFileType managedFile,
                                                             java.lang.String expression)
        Processes a managed file.
        action - The action being executed.
        managedFile - Contains data related to the managed file being processed
        expression - the expression.
        The response AcknowledgeManagedFile