Class GiftRegistryAddress

  • java.lang.Object
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    public class GiftRegistryAddress
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      static java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
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        getAddress1, getAddress2, getAddress3, getAddressId, getCity, getCountry, getEmail1, getEmail2, getFax, getField1, getField2, getField3, getField4, getField5, getFirstName, getGiftRegistryId, getLastName, getMiddleName, getPhone1, getPhone2, getPhone3, getSearchKeyFirstName, getSearchKeyLastName, getState, getSuffix, getTitle, getZipCode, setAddress1, setAddress2, setAddress3, setAddressId, setCity, setCountry, setEmail1, setEmail2, setFax, setField1, setField2, setField3, setField4, setField5, setFirstName, setGiftRegistryId, setLastName, setMiddleName, setPhone1, setPhone2, setPhone3, setSearchKeyFirstName, setSearchKeyLastName, setState, setSuffix, setTitle, setZipCode
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        getUserRelationship, setUserRelationship
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        fulfills, getGroupingAttributeValue, getOptCounter, getOwner, setOptCounter
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      • GiftRegistryAddress

        public GiftRegistryAddress()