Class GenerateGiftRegistryAccessKeyCmdImpl

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    BusinessObjectDocumentCmd,, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, TaskCommand, GenerateGiftRegistryAccessKeyCmd,,,,,,

    public class GenerateGiftRegistryAccessKeyCmdImpl
    extends BusinessObjectDocumentCmdImpl
    implements GenerateGiftRegistryAccessKeyCmd
    Default implementation of GenerateGiftRegistryAccessKeyCmd. Each time, a 128bit UUID will be generated. Overwrite this command to provide your own access key. Each time the access key has to be unique. If a request BOD is in place, GiftRegistryVO will be expected to be in the BOD, and both the GuestAccessKey and RegistrantAccessKey fields of all the GiftRegistryVO will be updated with a unique accesss key. Note that getAccessKey() will always return a different key than what's been set in request BOD, if any.
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      • GenerateGiftRegistryAccessKeyCmdImpl

        public GenerateGiftRegistryAccessKeyCmdImpl()