Interface CheckGiftRegistryItemEligibilityCmd

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    BusinessObjectDocumentCmd,,,,, ECCommand,,, TaskCommand
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    public interface CheckGiftRegistryItemEligibilityCmd
    extends BusinessObjectDocumentCmd
    Validates the GiftRegistryVO based on business rules.

    Called from Operation: ValidateGiftRegistryValuesCmd
    In Parameter: UpdateGiftRegistryBOD
    Result: Returns ECApplicationException if an error occurs

    The class will validate each of the gift items for the incoming UpdateGiftRegistryBOD.

    A check is done to validate that each item follows the defined business rules stored in the GRREGRULES table.

    If an error occurs when validating a gift registry value object, the GiftRegistryItemVO along with a GiftRegistryMessage will be added to an error hashtable. The hashtable will be returned to as part of the ECApplicationException.

    Possible exception messages include:
    • GiftRegistryMessage._ERR_GIFT_REGISTRY_RULE_VIOLATED.'ruleNumber'
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