Class SearchCatalogNavigationViewDynamicKitResultFilter

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    public class SearchCatalogNavigationViewDynamicKitResultFilter
    extends AbstractSearchResultFilter
    implements SearchResultFilter
    This is the implementation of the CatalogNavigationView search result filter for populating Dynamic Kit predefined configuration information from Database if need be.
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      • SearchCatalogNavigationViewDynamicKitResultFilter

        public SearchCatalogNavigationViewDynamicKitResultFilter()
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      • filter

        public void filter(SelectionCriteria selectionCriteria,
                           commonj.sdo.DataObject dataObject)
                    throws java.lang.RuntimeException
        The filter is used to populate a Dynamic Kit entry with predefined configuration, along with pricing. The filter will also return the component list of the preconfigured Dynamic kit after it validates that shopper is entitled to these components and the components are displayable.
        Specified by:
        filter in interface SearchResultFilter
        filter in class AbstractSearchResultFilter
        selectionCriteria - The search expression object represents.
        dataObject - The object passed to filter.
        java.lang.RuntimeException - Could be thrown if any error occurred.