Interface GetCatalogEntryCmd

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    public interface GetCatalogEntryCmd
    The Interface for the Get catalog entry command. This interface is to be implemented by the classes that provide the catalog entry get services. This interface defines methods to set the GetCatalogEntryType which contains the details Xpath request, and to get the show catalog entry type which contains the catalog information.
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        static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        The IBM copyright field.
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      • setGetCatalogEntry

        void setGetCatalogEntry(GetCatalogEntryType getCatalogEntry)
        A set method for GetCatalogEntryType
        getCatalogEntry - The GetCatalogEntry BOD that GetCatalogEntryCmd would execute
      • getShowCatalogEntry

        ShowCatalogEntryType getShowCatalogEntry()
        Provide a get method to get the result (ShowCatalogEntryType BOD)
        ShowCatalogEntryType the ShowCatalogEntryType BOD would return to the client