Class FetchCatalogByStoreIdCmdImpl

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    FetchCatalogCmd, AbstractFetchNounCmd,,

    public class FetchCatalogByStoreIdCmdImpl
    extends AbstractFetchCatalogSOICmdImpl
    This fetch command will fetch Master Catalog or all the catalogs of a store depending upon the xpath expression. Based on the parameter passed in xpath expression, this class will fetch the Master Catalog if the values for 'Primary' attribute is 'true'. If value for 'Primary' attribute is 'false', it will fetch all the Catalogs for the given store. The store id used to retrieve catalogs, is retrieved from the Base Context. Following is the xpath expression used to invoke this command :

      Possible values for attribute 'primary':
  • 'true' : retrieve only master catalog for the store.
  • 'false' : retrieve all the catalogs for the store.
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      • FetchCatalogByStoreIdCmdImpl

        public FetchCatalogByStoreIdCmdImpl()
        The default constructor for this class. This constructor just calls the superclass constructor.
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      • fetchCatalogs

        public java.util.ArrayList fetchCatalogs()
                                          throws CatalogApplicationException
        This method is used to fetch the master catalog or all catalogs of a store based on the value of the primary attribute passed in the XPath. If the primary values is set to true, the master catalog of the store is returned. Otherwise all the catalogs in the store will be returned. The store id used to retrieve catalogs, is retrieved from the Base Context.
        an ArrayList of Catalog data beans.