Selecting roles for a user

Use Management Center Tools to select roles for a user.


  1. . Open Management Center Tools.
  2. Select User Management.
  3. A find dialog displays. Provide search criteria and press Enter. A list of users displays.
  4. Click on the Login ID of the user you want to assign a role.
  5. Select roles for the user as follows:
    • To add and assign the user a new role:
      1. HCL Commerce Enterprise Specify an organization for the user by performing one of the following tasks:
        • From the Select organization drop-down list, select the name of the organization.

          The Select organization field also includes organizations of type "authorization domain". This organization only lists organizations where you directly play a role, for example the organization and its child organizations.

      2. From the Role drop-down list, select the role for the user.
        Note: A user can have roles in more than one organization. Also, a user can have multiple roles in one organization.
      3. Click Save. The role and organization combination displays in the Selected roles list.
    • If you make an error or want to remove a role, from the Selected roles list, select the role and organization combination that you want to remove and click on the cross icon available corresponding to each role. The role and organization combination moves from the Selected roles list and the user is no longer assigned this role.
  6. Click Save after you have defined all roles for the user.