Collecting MustGather data for tooling issues

Prepare the following MustGather information before you call HCL Support to help with tooling issues.


Before proceeding further, two sets of data has to be collected. One from the Server side and the other from the Client side.
  • For Server side tracing, following traces should be enabled on the transaction server:*=all*=all
    For information about how to set trace strings, see Configuring logging for the Transaction server.
  • For Client side tracing, capture the Browser Developer tools.

    For example, while using Chrome browser:

    • Open Developer tools in browser.
    • Recreate the issue you are seeing.
    • Click on the Console tab.
      • Inside the console tab, right click and Save as save to file to upload to support.
    • Click on the Network tab.
      • Select All.
      • Right click inside the Network tab data and select Save all as HAR with content. (save file for upload to support)