Technical operations roles

The following technical operations roles are supported by : Site Administrator.

The following table describes each role and the business model each role can work within.

Role Description Business model
Site Administrator The Site Administrator installs, configures, and maintains and the associated software and hardware. The Administrator responds to system warnings, alerts, and errors, and diagnoses and resolves system problems. This role typically controls access and authorization (creating and assigning members to the appropriate role), manages the Web site, monitors performance, and manages load balancing tasks. The Site Administrator may also be responsible for establishing and maintaining several server configurations for different stages of development such as testing, staging, and production. This role also handles critical system backups and resolves performance problems.

The Site Administrator is also granted all the authorities of the Workspace Manager role

  • B2C
  • HCL Commerce EnterpriseB2B
  • HCL Commerce Enterprise Demand chain
  • HCL Commerce Enterprise Extended sites
  • HCL Commerce EnterpriseSupply chain
Note: The Site Administrator performs all tasks in the Administration Console, and has access to all stores within each business model.