Marketing: MarketingSpotData Noun

The MarketingSpotData noun is used to model e-Marketing Spot data. This is the data to display to a customer in an e-Marketing Spot. The e-Marketing Spot data contains the catalog entries, catalog groups, and marketing content to display in the storefront. The corresponding campaign, activity, and experiment test element information are returned with each data element. This noun is used in the storefront to provide the data to display to customers in an e-Marketing Spot. In an authoring environment, the MarketingSpot noun is used to list and manage e-Marketing Spots when creating marketing activities.

BOD Summary

Access Profile and Expression Builder columns are for Get BOD only.
BOD Action Code / Access Profile Action Expression Service Provided Sample XML Message Client Library / Expression Builder
GetMarketingSpotData IBM_Store_All {_wcf.ap=$accessProfile$; _mkt.triggerParameters= 'DM_EmsName=$emspotPageName$_mkt.endTriggerParameters'} /MarketingSpotData Finds data to display to a customer in an e-Marketing Spot by e-Marketing Spot name. Request


Access Profile

Some sample XML request and response web service messages are provided for each noun. These sample messages might not include all properties or attributes. To view a sample message that includes other properties or attributes, enable logging and tracing for the appropriate component and then call the web service to set or change the properties or attributes. Review the corresponding log file to see the request or response information.

Access Profile Data Returned
  • /MarketingSpotData/MarketingSpotIdentifier
  • /MarketingSpotData/CatalogGroup
  • /MarketingSpotData/CatalogGroup/ActivityIdentifier
  • /MarketingSpotData/CatalogGroup/ExperimentResult
  • /MarketingSpotData/CatalogEntry
  • /MarketingSpotData/CatalogEntry/ActivityIdentifier
  • /MarketingSpotData/CatalogEntry/ExperimentResult
  • /MarketingSpotData/MarketingContent
  • /MarketingSpotData/MarketingContent/ActivityIdentifier
  • /MarketingSpotData/MarketingContent/ExperimentResult
  • /MarketingSpotData/MarketingSpotDataTitle

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