Finding marketing content

You can locate your marketing content in the Management Center either by browsing or by searching.


  1. Open the Marketing tool.
  2. From the explorer view, click Content.
    The Content - List page opens.
  3. Find marketing content by using one of these methods:
    • Browse the Content - List page
      1. You can find all of the marketing content defined for the store in the Content - List page.
    • Simple search
      1. Navigate to the find area.
      2. Type a keyword and select a search object type from the list.
      3. Click the Find Search icon.

        The system performs a search of the content name field based on your search criteria. This is a case-insensitive search.

        You can also use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard before or after your search string. For example, to find all content that begins with "ABC", type ABC*; to find all content that ends with "ABC", type *ABC.

        Any special characters (for example, &, %, #, @, and so on), are treated literally. The asterisk (*), however, is treated literally only when used between two asterisks (such as *xxx*xxx*), or when used in the middle of a string (such as 123*789).