Release_WCS_ShipNotify message

The Release_WCS_ShipNotify message is an outbound e-mail message sent to notify the customer when an order release is manifested. This occurs when the STATUS column of the ORDRELEASE table is updated to MNF. The e-mail message is sent by the ReleaseShipNotify task command, using ReleaseShipNotify.jsp to compose the content of the message. The ReleaseShipNotify task command is invoked by the ReleaseManifest controller command.

This message can be used regardless of whether the fulfillment center system is internal or external. When using the internal HCL Commerce fulfillment center, an administrator can select the release manifest option in the shipment confirmation screen to trigger this message. When using an external fulfillment center system, a shipment confirmation message with the UpdateManifestStatus attribute set to 1 triggers this message.

The message can be enabled or disabled at the store level by overriding the ReleaseShipNotify task command. By default, this message is disabled using a ReleaseShipNotifyDummyImpl as the class name in the CMDREG table.