Response_WCS_PickBatch message

The Response_WCS_PickBatch message is an outbound message that contains information about an HCL Commerce pick batch. HCL Commerce generates this message in response to the inbound Create_WCS_PickBatch message. If the inbound message contains a valid StoreID, the message calls the PickBatchGenerate command, which redirects to either PickBatchGenerateRedirectView view task on successful completion, or PickBatchGenerateErrorView view task on command failure. The PickBatchGenerateRedirectView is implemented by PickBatchResult.jsp for response processing. In the Response_WCS_PickPatch XML message, the back-end PickBatchID from the original request and the newly generated PickBatchID are sent back as the response. In case of command failure, PickBatchGenerateErrorView is used, which is implemented by PickBatchError.jsp.

Note: If the inbound message does not contain a valid StoreID, the GenericApplicationError viewname is used for error message composition. The response message is generated by GenericApplicationErrorXML.jsp.

The Response_WCS_PickBatch message uses the XML message format and follows Response_WCS_PickBatch_10.dtd.

The following table describes the format of the Response_WCS_PickBatch message. For a description of the database column, follow the link to its associated table. All fields are optional unless otherwise noted. The tag value length in the XML message for database fields of type INT, BIGINT and DOUBLE should be CHAR (10), CHAR(19), and CHAR(16) respectively.

Level Field Name Comment Table Name Column Name Note
1 ResponseStatus Mandatory N/A N/A Error comment if status="ERROR"
2 status Mandatory N/A N/A OK or ERROR (an attribute of ResponseStatus)
3 code N/A N/A Error code (an attribute of ResponseStatus, existing only if status="ERROR")
4 MorePickBatch N/A N/A YES or NO: indicates whether another Create_WCS_PickBatch message should be submitted again for more pick batches
5 BackendPickBatchID N/A N/A A reference to the original pick batch request
6 WCSPickBatchID PICKBATCH PICKBATCH_ID Can be "NULL" if no pick batch is available for the specified StoreID and FulfillmentCenterID. Used in the Inquire_WCS_PickPackListDetail message