ERP integration

As companies use the Internet to open their enterprises to customers, partners, and suppliers, they encounter layers of different enterprise systems that have been purchased over time and must be integrated. One class of such enterprise systems are ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, which can manage many of the back office processes within the enterprise. Integration between HCL Commerce and ERP systems enhances the e-Commerce capabilities of the enterprise and opens it up to the channels served by HCL Commerce. For example, although ERP systems might not be focused on selling through the Web channel, ERP integration enables an ERP customer to exploit the rich Web capabilities of HCL Commerce and delivers features such as personalization, marketing and merchandising. In this integration scenario, the ERP system is typically the master system of record for catalog, inventory and member information. The ERP system processes the orders and performs inventory management, while HCL Commerce presents rich content to the customers and captures the orders.