Tax - Jurisdictions

Use this page to specify tax jurisdictions. A tax jurisdiction is a region in which a particular tax rate applies. Customers may have to pay different taxes or may be exempt from certain taxes, depending on the jurisdiction in which they live. You must therefore specify all the jurisdictions for which you must charge taxes.

Note: Contact your taxation agency for specific tax regulations for each jurisdiction. The Tax notebook allows you to create up to an unlimited number of tax jurisdictions; however, if you use more than 50 jurisdictions, you may find that the tax rates table, which is displayed on the Rates page, takes a long time to display.
From the list, select a country or region for the jurisdiction.
Depending on the country or region you selected, State/Province is displayed as a list or field. If it is displayed:
  • If you selected Canada, United States, or Japan as your country:
    • From the list, select a state or province for the chosen country.
    • If one tax rate applies to the entire country or region, from the bottom of the list, select All.
  • If you selected a country or region other than Canada, United States, or Japan:
    • From this field, type the name of the state, province, or region for the chosen country or region. This field accepts up to 128 alphanumeric characters.
      Note: The State/Province field does not accept the following characters: ! # $ % ^ & * ~ @
    • If the shipping rate applies to the entire country or region, or if the country or region does not have states or provinces, leave this field blank. A jurisdiction in the format Country/Region, Others will be created and will apply to the entire country or region.