Price-Override Limits

Use this list to view the defined price-override limits for the store. It enables you to create new price-override limits, and to manage and delete existing price-override limits. Existing price-override limits are displayed in a table with the following information:

The name of the price-override limit. Note that you may have multiple price-override limits that share the same name. However, you can only have one price-override limit with a particular name that is "Active" at any one time.
Short Description
The short description of the price-override limit as specified during creation.
The current status of the price-override limit. Values include either Active or Draft.
The date on which the price-override limit was created.

In addition to the standard functions, the following functions are available from this page:

New Version
Click this button to create a draft version of the selected price-override limit. The selected price-override limit remains active.
Click this button to submit the price-override limits for approval.