Add Expected Inventory Details

Use the Add Expected Inventory Details dialog to enter information about a product being added to an expected inventory record.

Name of the product in the expected inventory record. This field is read-only.
Fulfillment center
Select the name of the fulfillment center expecting the product.
Expected date
Required: Provide the date the product is expected to arrive:
  • Click the calendar icon to open the calendar, and select the date you want. Using the calendar control ensures that the date is specified in the appropriate format.
  • In the Year, Month, and Day fields, type the year (in the format YYYY), month (MM), and day (DD).
Required: Type the quantity of the product expected. This field accepts an integer of up to 10 single-byte numeric characters.
Unit of measure
Unit of measure of the product being received. This field is read-only.
Type comments about the expected inventory. This field accepts up to 254 alphanumeric characters.