E-mail Activity

Use this page to define new e-mail activities, or to modify existing e-mail activities for the store.

Required: Type a name for the e-mail activity. This is displayed in the e-mail activity list.
Type a description for the e-mail activity.
Optionally select a campaign to which this e-mail activity belongs.
Customer segments
Required: Select the customer segment to send the e-mail activity to. This list is populated with all of the customer segments defined for the store. If you are uncertain which customers a segment targets, click on the customer segment, and then click Summary to display a summary of the selected customer segment. You can only select a single target segment per activity.
E-mail template
Select an e-mail template use as the base for the e-mail activity. This list is populated with all of the e-mail templates defined for the store.
Send date
Required: The date on which you want to initiate sending the e-mail activity.
Reply-to e-mail address
Required: The reply-to e-mail address to use for the e-mail activity. This is pre-populated with the default reply-to address specified during the outbound e-mail account configuration. You can edit this field if you want to specify an alternate reply-to e-mail address.