Contracts - Add Payment Method

Use this page to define a new payment method for the contract.

Payment method
Required: Select type of payment policy from the list. This list is populated with all of the payment method policies for the store.
Type a description of the payment method. Customers associated with this contract see this description when selecting a payment method.

Some dynamic fields will appear in this space on the page. The fields change depending on the selected Payment Method. The possible fields include:

Card type
This read-only field displays the name of the credit card associated with the Payment Method selected.
Credit card number
Enter the number for the credit card.
Expiry Month
Enter the expiry month for the credit card.
Expiry year
Enter the expiry year for the credit card.
Checking account number
Enter the account number for the checking account.
Check routing number
Enter the check routing number for the account.
Billing Address
Select the address to use as the account's billing address.
This read-only field displays address information for the selected billing address.