Personalized Attributes

Use this dialog to view the personalized attributes for a selected product. A product may have associated personalized attributes if it is part of an RFQ request. For example, a customer can specify a particular color combination for uniforms for a basketball team.

Attribute Name
The name of the personalized attribute. For example "color" or "team color".
The operator to qualify the personalized attribute, such as "equal to", "less than", "greater than", "greater than or equal to", "not", and so on.
Attribute Value
The value of the personalized attribute. For example "blue" or "blue and white". Personalized attributes can be provided as attachments. In this case, this column will contain the Click here to view attachment link.
A description of the quantity for the personalized attribute. For example, a unit of weight (such as "kilogram" or "pound"), a unit of measure or dimension (such as "meter" or "inch"). In some cases, the unit column is not applicable, and is therefore blank.