Customer Summary

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General information
Customer logon ID
The customer's store logon ID as provided during registration.
Customer name
The customer's full name, as defined during registration.
Organization account
The name of the organization with which the customer is associated. This organization has defined contracts with the store, stipulating terms and conditions for the customer to shop at the store. For example, the organization IBM may have contracts with the ABC Office Supplies Store.
Challenge question
A question to confirm the customer's identity.
Answer to challenge question
The answer to the challenge question.
Certificate status
The current status of the customer's X.509 certificate, which is used for customer authentication. If the customer has an X.509 certificate set up properly, the certificate status is displayed as Valid. If the customer does not have an X.509 certificate, No certificate is displayed.
Account status
The current status of the customer's account with the store. If the account is active, Enabled is displayed. If the customer's account in inactive (for example, if the customer has tried to log on several times with an invalid logon ID or password, the customer may be locked out of the account), the account status is displayed as Disabled.
Contact information
The customer's full address, including the street, city, state or province, ZIP or postal code, and country or region.
Phone number
The customer's primary phone number.
Fax number
The customer's primary fax number.
E-mail address
The customer's primary e-mail address. If you append comments to orders or returns, the comments will be sent to the e-mail address specified here.
Preferred method of communication
The customer's preferred means of communication, such as by e-mail or by phone.
Organization information
A description of the organization or organizational unit, such as "Software development for electronic commerce products."
Business category
A classification of the type of business associated with this organization or organizational unit, such as "Information Technology" or "Health Services".
Enable Account
Click this button to activate the customer's account. If the customer's account is currently inactive, for example, the customer is locked out of their account, you can manually enable it by selecting clicking this button. Note that you cannot disable the customer's account.