Find Approval Requests

Approvers and Site Administrators use this form to specify approval request search criteria.

Request Number
Type a request ID to retrieve a specific request.
Select the process for which you want to retrieve requests. Choices in the menu depend on the processes that the approver is authorized to review.
To retrieve all requests made by a submitter, select the submitter. Choices in the menu depend on which submitters initiated approval requests.
Approver (displays only to the Site Administrator)
To retrieve all requests reviewed by an approver, select an approver. Choices in the menu depend on which approvers have been authorized to review the specified process.
To retrieve all requests having a specified status, select the required status. The options are: Pending, Approved and Rejected. The default is Pending.
To retrieve all requests submitted either on a specific date, or within a specific period, select the criteria here. The menu options are:
  • None (do not search on the submission date)
  • Before (requests submitted before the specified date)
  • On or Before (requests submitted on or before the specified date)
  • On (requests submitted on the specified date)
  • On or After (requests submitted on or after the specified date)
  • After (requests submitted after the specified date)

The date format is: yyyy/mm/dd.

Click to initiate the search process. The results display on the Search Results - Approval Requests page.