AdvancedOrderEditEnd URL

Closes an order for editing and removes the editor ID from the order, that is this URL removes the EDITOR_ID values from the order in the ORDERS table.

An order can be placed into the major status state of E by using the AdvancedOrderEditBegin URL unless the state is P, NEW, or E; the value of the WebSphere Commerce user (member ID) is attached to the order in the ORDERS table and is recorded as the editor ID. The AdvancedOrderEditEnd URL can be used to remove the associated member ID from the order.

The AdvancedOrderEditEnd URL can be used to close the editing of an order only if the order is in the NEW, P, or E state. The major status will not change after the invocation.

For the order to be processed, it does not have to be released from the control of a user (such as a CSR). When the order is processed by using the OrderProcess command, the system automatically invokes the AdvancedOrderEditEndCmd controller command to remove the member ID that was attached to the order.

URL structure

The fully qualified name of your WebSphere Commerce Server and the configuration path.
This diagram displays the structure for the AdvancedOrderEditEnd URL.

Parameter values

Required: The identifier of the order undergoing the edit or change.


The following example causes the EDITOR_ID value in the ORDERS table for order 112233 to be removed:


Exception conditions

  • User is not authorized to invoke the command.
  • Authorized user has not logged in.
  • Invalid major status: Order is in a state other than PRC, EDT, or NEW.