Class ProcessGiftListCompleteActionCmdImpl

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    AbstractProcessNounActionCmd, ProcessGiftListActionCmd,,,,,,

    public class ProcessGiftListCompleteActionCmdImpl
    extends AbstractProcessNounActionCmdImpl
    implements ProcessGiftListActionCmd
    Processes the gift list completion request. The command sets the gift list unique identifier in the context to indicate the current gift list that the user is currently completing. The command first checks whether the user is eligible to complete a registry by checking the event date has passed.
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      void performExecute()
      Performs the business logic to complete the registry
      void validate()
      Validate whether the user can complete the registry
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      • ProcessGiftListCompleteActionCmdImpl

        public ProcessGiftListCompleteActionCmdImpl()
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        public void performExecute()
                            throws java.lang.Exception
        Performs the business logic to complete the registry
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