Class SearchExpression

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    public class SearchExpression
    extends SelectionCriteria

    The search expression object represents the information that can be extracted from the Expression elements of the Get verb. The Expression indicates the search expression to perform using an extended XPath notation to indicate the search criteria. The search criteria is composed of an XPath expression that represents the logical model with additional control parameters that will influence the search results.

    This object is used when processing Get requests.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • SearchExpression

        public SearchExpression()
        Creates an instance of the search expression object.
      • SearchExpression

        public SearchExpression(GetType getVerb,
                                java.lang.String componentId)
        Creates an instance of the search expression based on the given Get verb.
        getVerb - The Get verb to convert into a Search Expression.
        componentId - The component identifier that is creating the search expression.