Class OrderItemBaseCmdImpl

Either updating an existing order item when the orderItemId_ i is specified or creating a new order item when the partNumber_ i or catEntryId_ i is specified, the command uses the rest of the parameters to update the order item.

For any orders in which one or more order items got updated or inserted, the orders are unlocked and the lastUpdate fields are updated with the current time stamp.

Updates the price for all order items that were updated or created by the command.

If the orderComment parameter is specified, replace the Order comment attribute with the value specified by the orderComment parameter.

Update ship information which includes shipping instruction, shipping carrier account number, and shipping charge type. When a new order is created, the member ID of the new order is set to the current user in the command context and the currency is also taken from the one in the command context.

After all enumeration groups are processed, if doInventory is set to N, the command will not do inventory action. If doInventory is set to Y, the command does a fulfillment center updating and inventory checking for all order items modified or created.

Calls the ExtendOrderItemProcessCmd task command to perform additional processing to meet any unique requirements. Sets a RedirectView that will redirect to the URL that is specified.

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