Client settings

Administrators can add client settings to customize HCL Client Application Access (HCAA).

The following table describes the settings that can be set on the client. On Windows™, the settings are specified in the notes.ini file. On Mac OS, they are specified in the Preferences file.
Table 1. HCL® Client Application Access settings




How to specify


This parameter helps to connect to an iNotes® HTTP server through a secured (https://) or a non-secured (http://) protocol.


If your iNotes server URL is, for example,, you don't need this parameter. But if it's, you will need to add this parameter to your Notes®.INI file:



Use this parameter if a user does not have iNotes access. This setting is used to show/hide the iNotes icon/menu option, to prevent users from trying to use iNotes mail if their user ID is not iNotes enabled.


To hide the icon/menu option, set the INI parameter:


To show the icon/menu option, set the INI parameter:



Use HCL Verse as your default mail client


Actions like Forward and Forward as Bookmark will compose as mail using HCL Verse when this parameter is used:



Capture log files for focus in case of dialogs going behind the browser


If you encounter a problem where a Notes dialog has gone behind the browser, please add this setting to the Notes.INI file, recreate the problem, and send your console.log file to HCL:



When you copy a list of documents in a Notes view by using the option Edit > Copy As > Table, HCL Client Application Access puts the data on the clipboard in an HTML Table format. This may not then work when you are pasting the data in applications such as Microsoft™ Outlook.


Use the following options for specifying changes:

CopyAsTableHTMLSetting=0 (or default) - This will copy the table as HTML with a DocURI (Doclink icon), and when pasted will result in a loss of these link icons in Outlook. The Link icon will be available in clients that support DocURI, like iNotes.

CopyAsTableHTMLSetting=1 - This will copy as an HTML table with the text Notes Link in place of the DocURI (Doclink icon), and when pasted will result in an HTML table with Notes Link as the link text instead of DocURI.

CopyAsTableHTMLSetting=2 - (No HTML Format) Will copy as a Notes table and not an HTML table, when pasted behavior is similar to when pasted from the Standard client.