Microsoft Windows issues

Tips to help with troubleshooting issues in HCL Client Application Access.

HCL Client Application Access support for NSD

For serviceability, HCL Client Application Access supports NSD similar to the Notes® client. When you install the plug-in via its own installer, you will get the same Start > HCL Applications > Support > Collect HCL Notes Diagnostics data menu shortcuts created as in the full Notes client. You can use these options to collect NSD (Notes System Diagnostic) data.

Note: Running NSD from the command prompt collects more information than using the Start > HCL Applications > Support > Collect HCL Notes Diagnostics data menu option.

HCL Notes failed to start successfully error

If Notes and HCL Client Application access are both installed and you see this error when you start Notes, try either of the following methods to correct the problem.

From the Windows™ command line, change to the Notes directory and enter the following command:

notes -RPARAMS -clean


  1. Rename the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\HCL\Notes\Data\workspace.
  2. Start Notes.
  3. Reinstall any Notes plugins that were installed before.

Clicking application link from SmartCloud Notes web running in Chrome does not open the application

As a workaround, right-click and select Open link in new tab or Open link in new window.

Blank tab created in browser after clicking document link

When clicking on any document link in HCL Verse, it creates a blank tab in the browser (i.e., Chrome) then opens the document link in HCL Client Application Access.

Forwarding a document from HCAA creates a draft mail in Verse

If you use Verse as your mail client and forward a document from HCAA (Actions > Forward), a tab opens in Verse that might be blank, but the document is saved in your Verse Drafts folder.

Chrome shows an external protocol request warning message

The Chrome browser shows an external protocol request warning message when clicking on any document link in HCL Verse or HCL Notes Web. The workaround is to click Launch Application, and to avoid this message in future select the option Remember my choice for all links of this type.

Clicking a document link in SmartCloud Notes web on Firefox does not open the document directly

When clicking on any document link in HCL Notes Web running in Firefox, the document will not open directly. Firefox shows a Launch Application dialog to confirm opening the link using HCL Application Access. To avoid this message in future, select Remember my choice for notes links before clicking OK.

Clicking a document link in SmartCloud Notes web on Internet Explorer does not open the document directly

When using Internet Explorer, a confirmation message is shown when you try to open an application link. To avoid this message in future clear the Always ask before opening this type of address option, and click Allow. This message is then shown:
Security message - Internet Explorer
Click Allow here too, and to avoid this message next time, select Do not show me the warning for this program again.

Selecting Join after launching config.nsf

When configuring a new user in SmartCloud Notes, when a user clicks on Join after launching config.nsf, HCL Client Application Access mistakenly references browser windows or tabs. The workaround is to consider this reference as HCL Client Application Access client, wherever it is mentioned as a browser. Click OK.

Clicking mail icon shows error message when workspace icon is not available

When the mail icon on the workspace is not available, clicking the mail icon on the Homepage, or clicking the mail icon from the Homepage sidebar, may result in either of these errors:
You cannot add a directory to your workspace

Choose servers to search dialog
As a workaround, use Ctrl+O (Command+O on Mac OS X) to try to access your mail application directly from the server. This will add a mail icon on the workspace.
IBM SmartCloud® Notes users should get their Mail server and Mail file name information either from the configuration file (config.nsf) or from the Location document, Servers and Mail tabs:
Location document Servers tab

Location document Mail tab

Forwarding a document from HCL Verse creates a blank draft

Forwarding a document using HCL Client Application Access in HCL Verse creates a blank mail draft; it does not contain the Subject and content. The workaround is to manually copy-and-paste the document content and subject into an HCL Verse new mail message, and then send it.

The Mail icon is not appearing in the HCL Client Application Access menu bar

Check that your Notes.INI file contains the entry BrowserAllowiNotesMail=0. If it does, remove this entry and restart the plug-in. By default, iNotes® access from HCL Client Application Access is enabled; the only time you should manually add this entry is if your organization does not have iNotes supported, and you do not want users to see the icon.

How does HCL Client Application Access determine the iNotes server HTTP URL?

HCL Client Application Access has multiple ways to come up with the address of the iNotes HTTP URL. A typical iNotes HTTP URL is:
  • http://[server address]
  • https://[server address]
So the first thing is to determine the server's HTTP address. HCL Client Application Access reads the current location document to find the user's home mail server, and comes up with the address.
Please ensure that you have the correct server name in the second tab of your location document. HCL looks for the HTTP name of the server by looking up the server document on your server's Name & Address Book. If you see this is not working properly, or if your server document is not setup properly, you can always add the following attributes to your Notes.INI file:
  • INOTES_SERVER_PATH=[server's HTTP address]
If you are using a redirector, specify the redirector path:
  • INOTES_REDIRECTOR_PATH=[server's redirector URL]
By default, HCL Client Application Access pre-pends the server's address with https://. If your iNotes server is not using SSL (only http://), then add the following to your Notes.INI file:
  • BrowserUseHTTPForiNotes=1

iNotes does not launch when clicking the Mail menu bar icon

In most cases, you can look at the URL that is showing in the address bar of the new tab to see what Notes is doing, and then decide from the previous note if you need to use any of the INI variables cited.

With roaming user and data cleanup options selected, the Data directory does not get cleaned up

Check the username.cln file, where username is the user logged into the machine. If the file exists, the cleanup has been queued up, and has not happened yet. Once the cleanup is completed, this file will be deleted.

Cannot find the Advanced menus option under the View menu

In order to get Advanced menus, you must add MenusAdvanced=1 to your Notes.INI file.

Selecting spell check may cause hang

HCL Client Application Access may hang when you select File > Preferences > User Preferences > International > Spell Check.