Migrating Notes data to HCL Client Application Access on Citrix

If you currently use HCL Notes® on Citrix XenApp but don't want to continue to do so, complete the following steps to enable HCAA to reuse the Notes data directory.

About this task

Note: You can't use Notes 8.5.x with ICAA 1.0.1 on a Citrix XenApp server. If you want to continue to use Notes with HCAA, upgrade to Notes 11.0 before you install HCAA.

If you don't want to continue to use Notes, complete the following steps to uninstall Notes and reuse the Notes data directory on Citrix XenApp.


  1. Map a network drive to the current Notes data folder on the XenApp server. For example, enter:

    net use Z: \\xenappserver\notesdata /user:bbrennan password

  2. Uninstall Notes from the XenApp server. The Notes data folder remains.
  3. Download ICAA 1.0.1 on the XenApp server.
  4. From the download location, run the following command on the XenApp server as an administrator. This command installs HCAA and configures it to use the Notes data folder.

    setup.exe -s -a /v"CITRIX=1 REUSE_INI=<drive>:\<data_folder>\notes.ini "

    For example:

    setup.exe -s -a /v"CITRIX=1 REUSE_INI=Z:\notesdata\notes.ini "

  5. Map the XenApp client to the notes.ini file in the data folder, for example Z:\notesdata\notes.ini.