Configuring an on-premises user (Mac OS)

Use this procedure to configure HCL Client Application Access (HCAA) on Mac OS if you are an on-premises user. On-premises users use only mail and applications that are on HCL Domino® servers at their company sites.

About this task

If you already use an earlier version of HCAA or HCL Notes®, HCAA is ready to use and you can skip these steps.


  1. Double-click the HCL Client Application Access item in the Applications list.
  2. Enter the following information and then click Next:
    • Enter your user name.
    • Uncheck I am an IBM SmartCloud user.
    • Enter your Domino server name.
  3. Select the appropriate connection method and click Next:
    on-premesis configuration on mac
  4. Follow the configuration steps and provide your Notes ID file and password when asked.
  5. Configuration is complete once the HCL Client Application Access Homepage is launched.