Installing the client manually on Windows systems

You can install the BigFix client manually by running the Client installer on each computer.

Use this method to install the client on a small number of computers and if you installed the BigFix server on a Windows system. Run this sequence of steps to run the client installation:

  1. You can install the client using one of the following methods:
    • Log on to the computer with administrator privileges and copy the BES Installers\Client folder from the installation computer to the local hard drive.
    • Run the Installation Guide (available at Start > Programs > BigFix > BigFix Installation Guide) and click the button marked Browse Install Folders to open the BigFix Installers folder and display the Client folder.
  2. You might optionally include a pre-defined settings file (clientsettings.cfg) in the same directory as the setup.exe file, to create custom settings for the Windows client at installation time, for example to assign the new Client to a specific parent relay. For more information, see Windows Clients.
  3. After you have copied the Client folder to the target computer, double-click setup.exe from that folder to launch the installer.
  4. After the welcome panel, you are prompted for a location to install the software. You can accept the default or click Browse to select a different location.
  5. After the files have been moved, click Done to exit the installer. The BigFix Client application is now installed and will automatically begin working in the background. Repeat this process on every computer in your network that you want to place under BigFix administration.