Upgrading the server in silent mode

To upgrade the server in silent mode, start the installation of a newer version of BigFix Inventory on the same computer. Silent installation runs in the background.

Before you begin

To see the automated procedure for upgrading the server to the newest version, see: Upgrading to BigFix Inventory 9.2.17

Create a back up of the database, installation registry, and the server files to be able to restore the server if the upgrade fails.

Ensure that no files or directories in the BigFix Inventory installation directory are open in an external program. For example, that no log files are open in a text editor. Also, ensure that no PDF reports are being generated during the server upgrade. Otherwise, the upgrade might fail with error code 41.


  1. Download the latest installer and extract it.
    1. Log in to the BigFix console and go to Sites > External Sites > IBM BigFix Inventory v9 > Fixlets and Tasks.
    2. Select Download BigFix Inventory, and click Take Action.
    3. Select the computer on which the BigFix Inventory server is installed, and click OK. When the download completes, extract the installer.
  2. Read the license agreement in the license.txt file. The file is in the license/LA_language directory.
  3. Edit the upgrade_response.txt file.
  4. In the response file, set the RSP_LICENSE_ACCEPTED parameter to true.
  5. To start the upgrade, run one of the following commands:

    Linux ./setup-server-linux-x86_64.sh -i silent -f /response_file_path/upgrade_response.txt

    Windows setup-server-windows-x86_64.bat -i silent -f response_file_path\upgrade_response.txt

    For response_file_path, enter the absolute path to the response file. For example:
    setup-server-windows-x86_64.bat -i silent -f C:\images\SUA\upgrade_response.txt
    Tip: If the upgrade fails, check the upgrade logs. For more information, see: Server installation and upgrade logs.

What to do next

Continue with the upgrade of the remaining components.