Integrating users with Web Reports

You can use the Web Reports component to allow your Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Web Reports users to access BigFix Inventory.

Before you begin

Install the Web Reports component. The component is typically installed together with your BigFix server but you can also add it to your environment at any time. To do so, start the installation of BigFix and choose to install only Web Reports.

About this task

One of the Web Reports capabilities is integrating with an LDAP directory. This integration allows you to view information about your LDAP users through Web Reports and to grant them right privileges to access your BigFix environment. If you create an entry for each user in BigFix Inventory, they will be linked between the application and Web Reports. The linked users can then access BigFix Inventory with the same credentials that are specified in Web Reports. Whenever you change the credentials in Web Reports, they will also be valid in BigFix Inventory with no additional configuration.


  1. Connect your BigFix Inventory server to the Web Reports database.
    1. Log in to BigFix Inventory.
    2. In the navigation bar, click Management > Data Sources.
    3. Click on your data source and fill in the connection parameters for the Web Reports database. The required information will differ depending on the type of the database that you use. For more information, see the following examples.
      Web Reports connection for Microsoft SQL Server Web Reports connection for DB2
  2. Each of your Web Reports users must be manually added to BigFix Inventory. After your complete this action, the users will be linked with their equivalents in Web Reports:
    1. In BigFix Inventory, click Management > Users.
    2. Click New to create a new user.
    3. Enter the user name that corresponds with a Web Reports user name.
    4. Select the appropriate roles.
      The roles are not integrated between the applications and must be selected manually for each user.
    5. In the Authentication Method, choose Web Reports.
    6. Click Create.
    7. Repeat this action for each of your Web Reports users.


The created user is linked with its equivalent in Web Reports. You can now use it to log in to BigFix Inventory by using the same password that is specified in Web Reports. Whenever you change this password in Web Reports, it will also be valid for logging in to BigFix Inventory.