Port requirements

When planning the infrastructure, ensure that port numbers used by BigFix Inventory, BigFix, and the database are free to enable communication between those components.

The following is the list of default ports used by the BigFix Inventory infrastructure. You can change them during the installation of each component:

Table 1. Default ports used by the BigFix Inventory infrastructure

This table consists of three columns, one header rows, and three body rows. The first and third body rows are divided in to two rows from the second column.

Type Port number Description
BigFix Inventory 9081 The web browser connects to the server (HTTPS) to display the user interface.
The BigFix server uses this port to connect to the BigFix Inventory server.
DB2® 50000 The server connects to DB2®.
SQL Server 1433 The server connects to SQL Server.
BigFix 52311 BigFix clients and console connect to the server.
The BigFix Inventory server uses this port to connect to the BigFix server.
For more information about port numbers and interactions between components of the BigFix Inventory infrastructure, see: Flow of data.

Make sure that relevant web addresses are accessible from the computer where the BigFix server is installed. For more information, see: Firewall exceptions.