Organizational business units

9.2.2 Available from 9.2.2. To manage software and view reports per organizational business unit, divide the computers in your infrastructure into groups that represent these units. Then, create dedicated users, each with access to a particular computer group.

To manage software per organization business unit, perform the following steps:
  1. Divide the computers in your infrastructure into groups that reflect the departments. Ensure that each group contains only computers from one department. Do not create computer groups that overlap as it might distort the obtained results.
  2. If software in each department is managed by a different person, create dedicated BigFix Inventory users, each with access to computers in one department.
  3. Import part numbers for each computer group and bundle software within each department.
For detailed instructions, see: Tutorial: Reporting subcapacity usage per computer group.


A company that is located in the United States has three departments: Finance, HR, and IT. Because employees in each department use software that is typical for their position, the Software Asset Manager wants to manage the software for each department separately. To do this, he asked the IT Architect to create three computer groups in BigFix Inventory, each containing computers from only one business unit. The computer group hierarchy looks as follows.
  • All Computers
    • Computer Group 1: Finance Department
    • Computer Group 2: HR Department
    • Computer Group 3: IT Department
The Software Asset Manager can now import part numbers that are dedicated for each computer group and manage the software within each department separately. He can also generate separate subcapacity reports to get an overview of PVU consumption for BigFix software within each department. However, to create the audit snapshot with the PVU consumption within the entire company he must generate the audit snapshot for the All Computers group.