Create a List Tile

Use list tile to list items that satisfy your conditions.

Image of the List tile template.

To create a list tile:

  1. From the Overview page, select Edit Dashboard > Add Tile > Add Custom Tiles.
  2. Select List.
  3. Enter a name for your tile.
  4. Select an item (BigFix object) from the drop-down list, and click Add Item.
  5. Enter a description for the list.
  6. Specify data conditions and values (filter criteria).
    1. Click Add Condition.
      1. Select a condition from the drop-down list.
      2. Select a condition value. Click Add Value again to further refine your conditions.
      3. Use the Add Condition and Add Value buttons to specify more conditions as required.
    2. To include every instance of an object (for example, ALL Software Packages), proceed to Step 7.
  7. In the field Sort the list by, select a sort option.
  8. Click Add to add the list to your tile and return to the Build Tile page. Or click Back to exit without saving.
  9. Repeat Steps 4 – 8 to create more lists for this tile as required. To preview a tile with multiple lists, use the button in the Preview pane to select the list you want to see. A similar control is used to select between multiple lists in the completed tile.
  10. Click Done. On the Edit Dashboard page, move the new tile to the place you want it on the dashboard.